Learning Resource

The Methodology of Value Chain Promotion

This manual presents the ValueLinks methodology – a compilation of action-oriented methods for promoting economic development with a value chain perspective. It can be used by development projects or by public agencies promoting specific agribusiness, handicraft or manufacturing sub-sectors of the economy.

The ValueLinks manual structures the know-how of value chain promotion into 12 modules according to the project cycle. Each module covers the typical tasks that business organisations and facilitators of value chain promotion have to perform. Users can choose among a total of 37 tasks, e.g. “ value chain mapping”, “ agreeing on a vision” or “ engaging private partners in development work”. Text boxes present tools and templates as well as concrete examples of value chain projects supported by GTZ around the world.

The manual has no specific sectoral focus. The emphasis is on those product markets that offer better market access for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and farmers, and provide new job opportunities for the poor.