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Session 2: Financing along the supply chain – experiences and prospects

The purpose of this session was to examine the benefits of supply chain financing from different perspectives: financial institution led approaches and out-grower driven approaches. The objective was to give an “applied” presentation of the underlying structures and related successes and difficulties, allowing financial entities, producers, processors and other operators involved in the chain to speak for themselves and to share lessons and recommendations. The session included the following presentations:

  1. Poor repayment, poor reach: the problems with agricultural finance in India and what NABARD plans to do about this. R. Balakrishnan, NABARD
  2. Creating viable export agriculture through integrated finance: experience with agri-export zones. M. Sarkar, Export Import Bank of India
  3. Leasing as credit alternative: a case study. R. Kloeppinger-Todd, World Bank
  4. Using weather risk management to strengthen supply chain finance. S. Agrawal, Weather Risk Management Services