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Module 6: Case study exercise

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Case Exercise – the focus is to use the information to decide if, based on the budgets and case flow the client should get a loan and then for what amount, what length, when should disbursements be made and when and how should it be repaid.

Several cases of spreadsheets are included in the case material.

  • It is suggested to use the Crespo Case to explain the model and required information. Please note that this case closely follows the description of the FAO-GTZ Agricultural Production Toolkit and as such the description can be found in that Toolkit manual listed in the elective reading.
  • Then, it is suggested to use the Nigeria Loan Case. Not all the spreadsheets are shown since the focus should be only on the crop budget, including timing of costs and labor, and then to the cash flow spreadsheet which is where the main focus and discussion should be focused. This in turn leads to the loan planner spreadsheets which are generated and the graphs. The “cheat-sheet” list of indicators is included to help interpret the financial ratio information.