October 2015
From the editor

Dear RFILC member,

We are glad to announce that the Final Conference Report from the Agricultural Insurance Conference held in Berlin in November 2014 on the topic “Agricultural Insurance – How can we make insurance work for food security?” is published. It summarizes in detail the informative presentations and rich expert discussions during the event, which highlight how agricultural insurance contributes to food security:: it can reinforce various efforts to increase food production and food security. For the conference conclusions and insights, click here.

The second highlight of October is the case study on Savings and Credit Cooperatives in Rwanda titled “Promoting Greater Financial Inclusion of Women in Rwanda”. The publication of this impact assessment report is the result of a fruitful collaboration between the Rwandan Ministry of Trade and Industry (MINICOM),  PROCASUR and IFAD. Key objectives of the study are  to describe the impacts of the Learning Route Programme within participating organizations and their environment and explain key factors that have facilitated or hindered the adoption and dissemination of innovations acquired on a wider scale during the Learning Route Programme in order to propose recommendations..

Finally, the Global SME Finance Forum 2015 will be held in Antalya, Turkey on November 15th to 16th. This flagship event is one of the few truly global conferences for SME-focused institutions that will gather senior leaders of financial institutions, development finance institutions and fintech companies that promote access to finance for small and medium enterprises with the aim to foster a lively exchange of knowledge and networking amongst peers and high-level participants. The two-day program is designed to provide insights on innovation and transformative technologies that can accelerate small business finance.

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The RFILC editorial team

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