February 2015
From the editor

Dear RFILC members,

Welcome to the new Rural Finance and Investment Learning Center (RFILC) website and newsletter!

We would like to highlight two main novelties that you can explore while navigating your new platform. First, we now have a 4th library pillar that is dedicated to all aspects related to agricultural investments. Second, the platform offers new features to signed members including the ability to perform a custom site search, to suggest new content and to receive recommendations tailored to your member profile information. The language is set by default to be English. Please, set your preferred newsletter language by clicking here.

We are introducing the new web platform with many changes, we appreciate your understanding if you encounter any remaining “bugs”.  Please inform us of any problem if it occurs so we can address it.

We wish you a pleasant exploration of our new RFILC website and its new features!

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Best regards,
The RFILC editorial team


We hope you enjoy your visit to the RFILC.


The Rural Finance and Investment Learning Centre is a part of the CABFIN Partnership Project which aims to promote and facilitate capacity building in rural finance. The concerns of rural finance are to ensure that people living in rural areas have access to financial services such as deposit and money transfer facilities, insurance and loan products. Effective use of these services can help to improve livelihoods and reduce rural poverty. The following CABFIN Partners have provided financial support to the RFILC: