Rural Finance and Investment Insights: September 2022

This month, FAO, in collaboration with the CABFIN partnership, organized a webinar on linking inclusive agricultural insurance to Anticipatory Action and emergency response. Speakers from SwissRe Foundation, FAO and StartNetwork gathered to present and discuss how to effectively improve the inclusivity of agricultural (parametric) insurance to serve small-scale producers, and explored how insurance can be used as a complementary modality to Anticipa...

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Rural Finance and Investment Insights: August 2022

Most of us may feel the heatwave and hotter-than-ever weather in the Northern Hemisphere this year; the climate shocks, together with conflict, economic shocks and the lingering impacts of COVID-19, have pushed millions of people in countries across the world into poverty and hunger.

This month’s highlight includes innovative examples of improving access to inclusive financial services. We hope it inspires the rural finance community to enable more small-scale producers to obtain the financial resources needed to sustain agri-va...

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Rural Finance and Investment Insights: July 2022

This month, the webinar global insurance experiences to increase small-scale aquaculture resilience is organized under the CAFI -SSF network to share an overview of the current status of world aquaculture insurance. The speakers shared institutional experience in supporting and implementing small-scale aquaculture insurance programmes and discussed the current aquaculture insurance environment and how insurers need a robust risk management program...

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Rural Finance and Investment Insights: June 2022

This month, the CAFI -SSF network virtually presented “The importance and access to aquaculture insurance” during the Regional Workshop on Planning and Policy Development Increasing Aquaculture Production in Antalya, Turkey.

The presentation shared information about the current status of world aquaculture production and employment within the sector. It further presented the status of the current global aquaculture insurance market, a...

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Rural Finance and Investment Insights: May 2022

On April 26th, the CAFI SSF Network, in association with the Asia and Pacific Rural and Agricultural Credit Association (APRACA), hosted a webinar on the “Role of Fish Farmers Producer Organizations (FFPO’s) in facilitating inclusive financial services for small-scale fisheries (SSF)“. Speakers from institutions that have played a significant role in developing fisheries and aquaculture in India, particularly small-scale fisheries, and ...

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