Rural Finance and Investment Insights: October

In recognition of the well-understood challenges with promoting rural and agricultural finance, the need for a more systemic approach to promoting financial inclusion is gaining traction in the thinking and programming approaches of the community of practice.

In light of this, we hope this month’s list of studies will help us bring forward more inclusive and efficient investments in the agri-food systems.

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Rural Finance and Investment Insights: September

After the summer heat in August, can you feel a slight change in the air this month? Yet, this breeze has been delayed year by year due to climate change.

Climate change dramatically affects all sectors, including the agriculture and fishery sector, and its impacts result in disruptions to the vitality of rural livelihoods, ecosystems, and biodiversity. It has especially increased the hazardous conditions under which small-scale fishers work, as natural disasters become even more prevalent and destructive. Damage and loss of fishing c...

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Rural Finance and Investment Insights: August

“It is only the farmer who faithfully plants seeds in the Spring, who reaps a harvest in the Autumn.”

As we are moving towards the end of August, Autumn has slowly made its way (for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere). This month, we prepare some food for thoughts on the topic of Digitalization and Gender Equality in Rural Finance. We wish you a good harvest of knowledge.

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Rural Finance and Investment Insights: July

As August is approaching, we have prepared a list of summer readings (for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere) to make this summer heat a little bit more pleasant.

In this month’s highlight, we will introduce a few tools and opportunities to help the Rural and Agricultural Finance communities around the globe better manage agricultural finance risk, develop skills in the product development cycle, and improve their motivation to become further involved in agricultural financing.

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Rural Finance and Investment Insights: June

In recent years we have witnessed the rise of a number of clever applications of digital technology that have allowed to overcome some of the traditional barriers impeding financial provision to rural actors, especially for technology-based financial services(Fintech).

This month’s highlight will bring you the latest studies and lessons learned from CABFIN  agencies, to encourage Fintechs to develop financially more inclusive digital solutions through novel tools and regulatory initiatives designs.

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