Rural Finance and Investment Insights: April

Over 90 percent of small-scale fishers (SSF) and aquaculture farmers who live in developing countries are often fully dependent on the sector for their livelihoods. SSFs are generally profitable and key to the environmental, economic, and social well- being of many coastal and inland communities, yet access to financial services is still a challenge as compared to small-holding agriculture farming communities.

This month, the Global Network for capacity building to increase access of small-scale fisheries to financial services (CAFI-S...

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Rural Finance and Investment Insights: March 2021

As spring makes its way to the Northern Hemisphere, the busiest period of the year for agriculture has arrived!

As snows melt, fields are ploughed, and crops are planted, we are glad to bring you some food for thought. We believe it will reward our Rural Finance community with an abundant spiritual harvest later on.

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Rural Finance and Investment Insights: February 2021

Rural women face multiple challenges – from systemic discrimination in accessing land and natural resources, to the burden of unpaid work, inequality within the family and the lack of infrastructure and services.

In light of the upcoming International Women’s day, we have selected for you several publications and events to promote a more Gender-Inclusive Finance work, especially in the rural area.

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Rural Finance and Investment Insights: January 2021

We hope that all of you spent a peaceful and lovely holiday with your loved ones, refreshed and recharged.

Starting the first Newsletter of 2021, we hope this latest Rural and Agricultural finance knowledge will brighten you up, as the fresh start of 2021 does.

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Rural Finance and Investment Insights: December 2020

As we all experienced, in one way or another, 2020 has been a year full of opportunities and challenges. Global food production is undoubtedly among the most challenging ones. Addressing this challenge will require significant investments in the agrifood sector. Access to finance will be critical in enabling these investments.

While we are heading towards the most magical time of the year, we have prepared for you some useful reference material for holiday readings with the hope to contribute to improving access to finance for agrifoo...

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