Rural Finance and Investment Insights: June 2022

This month, the CAFI -SSF network virtually presented “The importance and access to aquaculture insurance” during the Regional Workshop on Planning and Policy Development Increasing Aquaculture Production in Antalya, Turkey.

The presentation shared information about the current status of world aquaculture production and employment within the sector. It further presented the status of the current global aquaculture insurance market, a...

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Rural Finance and Investment Insights: May 2022

On April 26th, the CAFI SSF Network, in association with the Asia and Pacific Rural and Agricultural Credit Association (APRACA), hosted a webinar on the “Role of Fish Farmers Producer Organizations (FFPO’s) in facilitating inclusive financial services for small-scale fisheries (SSF)“. Speakers from institutions that have played a significant role in developing fisheries and aquaculture in India, particularly small-scale fisheries, and ...

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Rural Finance and Investment Insights: April 2022

2022 is the International Year of Artisanal Fisheries and Aquaculture (IYAFA 2022), and pillar 2 of the IYAFA Global Action Plan is about economic sustainability. However, access to financial services, one of the themes highlighted in the pillar, is often an obstacle for small-scale fishers, fish farmers and fish w...

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Rural Finance and Investment Insights: March 2022

Indicated by increasing food prices, recent trends of both chronic and acute food insecurity are alarming. Building the resilience of vulnerable rural populations in fragile contexts such as conflicts, health crises and natural disasters through providing inclusive financial services remains a critical priority.

Therefore, we hope that this month’s insights will share lessons learned, bring inspiration, and stimulate conversations on how to build up a more inclusive financial system to strengthen our risk resistance capacity und...

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Rural Finance and Investment Insights: February 2022

In recent years, the importance of access to inclusive rural finance, including insurance services, has been increasingly highlighted in development discourse as the driver for economic growth and promoting sustainable agricultural and fishery productions.

In light of this, this month’s highlight will provide the latest studies and events on the current challenges that constrain the further outreach and provision of inclusive rural finance, especially to smallholder producers, and what are the lessons learned as well as recommen...

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