Rural Finance and Investment Insights: January 2021

We hope that all of you spent a peaceful and lovely holiday with your loved ones, refreshed and recharged.

Starting the first Newsletter of 2021, we hope this latest Rural and Agricultural finance knowledge will brighten you up, as the fresh start of 2021 does.

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Rural Finance and Investment Insights: December 2020

As we all experienced, in one way or another, 2020 has been a year full of opportunities and challenges. Global food production is undoubtedly among the most challenging ones. Addressing this challenge will require significant investments in the agrifood sector. Access to finance will be critical in enabling these investments.

While we are heading towards the most magical time of the year, we have prepared for you some useful reference material for holiday readings with the hope to contribute to improving access to finance for agrifoo...

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Rural Finance and Investment Insights: November 2020

Together with the recent rapid development of the digital information technology, exacerbated by the “new normal” after the COVID-19 pandemic, digital financial services (DFS) are becoming the driving factor for developing countries and emerging market to enhance financial inclusion.
This was the focus of the high-level Virtual Symposium on “Development of Inclusive Rural Digital Finance Services: China’s Experience and International Organization’s Practices” that was held during 10-12 November, organised by the FAO in collaboration wi...

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Rural Finance and Investment Insights: October 2020

As you might all notice, Rural Finance and Investment Learning Centre (RFILC) portal has finished its revamping work! We continue dedicating to the dissemination of cutting-edge knowledge for the promotion of inclusive rural and agricultural finance and investment, as a global web-based platform.

The revamped RFILC brings several new features compared to the previous version, including the Editor’s picks, Webinars, a vastly improved Library, Learning courses, Events and Blogs sections. You can also suggest new content to the RFILC edi...

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Rural Finance and Investment Insights: April 2020

Dear RFILC members,

To begin our April edition, we would like to express our gratitude to all the front line workers in coping with COVID-19, to hold our communities and our economy together. The past months have posed a significant uncertainty to us, financially and physically. Health-related shocks, such as death or severe sickness, can affect households’ budgets significantly and create severe household trauma, leading to higher possibilities of them falling into poverty traps. This is especially true for people in rural area...

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