Rural Finance and Investment Insights: March 2023

Dear subscribers, have you ever wondered why you didn’t receive the monthly report in February? Don’t worry, we are still by your side and will continue to provide information about Rural Finance and Investment.

Due to a strategic restructuring to bring a more focused result of sharing the latest knowledge and events happening in the Rural Finance world, the RFILC newsletter has changed from monthly to bi-monthly. We hope our bi-monthly update will continue bringing inspiration to your work.

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Rural Finance and Investment Insights: January 2023

Happy 2023! We trust you had a wonderful time with your friends and family during the festive season.

We’re excited to get back to work and can’t wait to share the latest knowledge, products and events happening in the Rural and Agricultural Finance world. We hope it will continue bringing inspiration, innovations, and inclusion to our work.

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Rural Finance and Investment Insights: December 2022

Another year has passed, and despite the end of the pandemic seems to be insight, yet we have come across another unprecedented global challenge affecting countless lives. The disruption of food supply chains is undoubtedly among the most challenging ones which are threatening the food security of some already vulnerable populations. Addressing this challenge will require significant investments in the Agricultural and Fishery sector.

The holiday season brings a sense of hope and togetherness, our heart is always with those of you who...

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Rural Finance and Investment Insights: November 2022

Women play an important role in fishery value chain activities. There are 45 million women who participate in the small-scale fisheries value chain, representing 40 percent of the estimated labour force engaged in small-scale fisheries (SSF). Although women’s contribution to SSF is economically and socially important, it receives minimal attention while formulating fisheries policies and programs.

On November 11, the Global Network for Capacity Building to Increase Access of Small-scale Fisheries to ...

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Rural Finance and Investment Insights: October 2022

Financial cooperatives are essential players in the world banking system. They reach the poorest people and have a substantial economic impact. The Apex financial cooperatives are a relatively common type of financial entity in many countries of the Asia-Pacific region. The digitization of these financial cooperatives, a fundamental component of the financial sector in the Asia-Pacific region, is accelerating.

On November  2nd, APRACA, in collaboration with the CABFIN partnership, will present arising issues, challenges, in...

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