The Pacific Financial Inclusion Programme: Testing and Scaling Micro-insurance in the Pacific

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The UN Capital Development Fund’s (UNCDF) flagship Pacific Financial Inclusion Programme designed and supported projects to increase access to and usage of financial services for Pacific Islanders. All interventions were designed in such a way that all stakeholders involved were part of the solution.

UNCDF incentivised the development of:

  • Enabling policies and regulations,
  • Invested in financial literacy and
  • Boosted the design of innovative financial
  • Products that meet the needs of Pacific users

UNCDF and its partners took bold risks to test solutions successfully deployed elsewhere in the world in the comparatively smaller and dispersed Pacific markets.

Risks that paid off, and, incrementally, more and more people can
use products that allow them to settle their bills, transfers money, save for retirement and insure themselves and their properties.

Besides payments, the Pacific Financial Inclusion Programme invested in the development of microinsurance products, providing Pacific Islanders with a way to protect themselves against certain risks and potentially strengthening their financial health.

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