The group savings resource book

This book is the fourth in a series of FAO manuals on small farmer group development. It aims to encourage development agents to help the poor strengthen their capacities to accumulate productive capital through savings groups. The book is divided into two parts:

  1. A section discussing the advantages and disadvantages of saving in a group, the constraining and enabling factors to consider when starting a group saving activity and some commonly used group saving methods.
  2. A section that describes various tools that can be used to collect information when starting a saving activity, improve personal financial management skills, plan for investment and growth and monitor and evaluate the saving activity.

The group saving methods described include:

  • Rotating savings and credit associations
  • Accumulative savings and credit associations
  • Credit unions
  • Resource type
  • Author Rim, Ji-Yeune; Rouse, J.
  • Organisation
  • Year of Publication2002
  • Region
  • LanguageEnglish
  • Number of pages88 pp.

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