The group enterprise resource book

This book draws on more than a decade of experience gained in group business management in Africa and Asia under the FAO People’s Participation Programme. The terminology used in the book has been kept very simple and it is well illustrated with examples, illustrations and exercises to help people explain the ideas to rural community groups. The book makes it clear that although a group-run small enterprise can have a better chance of success than an individually run business, not all groups are suited to carrying out income generating activities together.

The book is divided into four sections:

  • Part 1: Choosing the business – which has useful advice on helping people to choose business ideas and carry out feasibility studies
  • Part 2: Planning the business – which contains very practical guidance on how the group should organise itself to implement a business idea
  • Part 3: Managing the business – which includes guidance on keeping records, producing accounts, monitoring, maintenance and marketing
  • Part 4: The role of inter-group associations – how these could help a group with networking and provision of services.

This book is an excellent resource for group promoters, extension workers and other rural development staff helping groups to set up and run enterprises.

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