Strategic Planning Guidelines – Credit with Education and Credit Unions

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Freedom from Hunger have pioneered a methodology for credit unions to implement a “credit with education” strategy for rural women. Since credit unions are already community-based, member-owned institutions with concerns for achieving social as well as financial goals, the approach is not a radical departure from their normal operations.

The core of the system is a credit association of 16-36 women who agree to come together to borrow money, deposit savings and participate in an education programme. The education programme consists of 3-8 highly interactive and participatory learning sessions covering health, nutrition and business development topics.

These guidelines are designed to:

  1. enable credit unions to assess their capacity and interest in developing a “credit with education” service;
  2. provide step-by-step instructions for developing the service.

There is a companion volume which is a Technical Assistance Guide for development agencies to use when assisting credit unions to introduce the service.

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