Smart Mass Payments: Bulk Payments Made Easy

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Smart Mass Payments: Bulk Payments Made Easy

This white paper was developed by the UN Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) in collaboration with various stakeholders in the digital financial services (DFS) industry, in order to highlight the potential for digital bulk payments as (i) a viable business tool to conduct mass payments in Zambia; (ii) a sustainable business case for DFS providers; and (iii) an inclusion mechanism for the financial- and economic-empowerment of users.

The key objectives of the research underpinning this paper were the following:

– Gather quantitative and qualitative insights on the market for digital bulk payments in rural and peri‑urban areas of Zambia as well as in refugee settlements.

– Collect insights for the development of a go-to-market strategy for digital bulk payments, including critical success factors for their deployment, by interviewing and engaging with potential partners (payers) and end beneficiaries (payees).

– Obtain insights on actual and potential use of digital bulk payments as well as customer preferences for bulk payment services.

– Gain insights on awareness of and trends in bulk payments among companies and other potential payers.

– Recommend ways in which DFS providers, bulk payers and other stakeholders, including government and development partners, can promote the expansion of appropriate, affordable and accessible bulk payments.

More than 115 interviewees from 22 organizations, comprising government regulators, ministries and agencies as well as private sector stakeholders, were consulted during the period of data collection: July 2017 to November 2018. Ten focus-group discussions were conducted with potential and existing payees in various locations across Zambia.

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