Savings Group: Save a Little, Save a Lot

This useful twelve page booklet is written with simple text and many illustrations. It is designed for use by women who have attained a degree of literacy and want to continue their self-learning. The booklet is published as a prototype which facilitators can adapt and translate as needed to fit their own local circumstances.

The booklet starts with a story illustrating the benefit of having some savings and goes on to cover the following topics:

  • What is a savings group?
  • How can the savings group benefit me?
  • How can I save money at home?
  • How can we form a savings group?
  • Choosing a leader and a record-keeper
  • Setting rules
  • Procedure at the bank

It is a good example of designing simple material to promote the concept of self-help and the potential benefit of establishing a small savings group to solve money problems.

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