Review of Warehouse Receipt System and Inventory Credit Initiatives in Eastern & Southern Africa

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The report is the result of a review of warehouse receipting, inventory credit and similar initiatives in six countries of Eastern and Southern Africa, including Zambia, Malawi, Madagascar, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda, the objective of which is to share lessons with practitioners, policy makers and funding agencies. Warehouse receipting is normally part of a package of innovations designed to modernise, and enhance the efficiency of, agricultural marketing systems. It can play a very important role in the development of agriculture, by permitting farmers to hold food back to the lean season, allowing them to access markets on more equitable terms, and enhancing the efficiency of the entire commodity chain. Donors are supporting warehouse receipt initiatives of one kind or another in all six countries.

The report starts with a review of international experience and follows with a discussion of collateral management and other warehousing systems that have developed spontaneously in Africa. The remainder of the report mainly focuses on new departures going beyond these activities. Each country’s experience is discussed in turn under three major categories: 1. public warehousing, 2. private warehousing, and 3. farmer-focused approaches.

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