Mobilizing Capital for Local Development Funds : A Longitudinal Case Study in Leveraging Millions to Billions

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Mobilizing capital for local development funds: A longitudinal case study in leveraging millions to billions tells the story of how UNCDF’s signature product – the local development fund (LDF) – was able to generate billions of dollars for local social and economic development in the world’s underserved and underinvested regions. The publication consists of a synthesis overview and 10 country cases (Bangladesh, Benin, Bhutan, Guinea, Lesotho, Mali, Nepal, Solomon Islands, Tanzania and Uganda).

In response to the need for credible longitudinal studies that account for the sustainable leverage and impact of development finance, this study is a first attempt to provide a comprehensive analysis and better understanding of the leverage of UNCDF-supported LDFs on the intergovernmental fiscal transfer systems and related reforms following the initial pilots in a range of countries.

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