Microfinance in Europe: Survey Report 2016-2017

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This eighth edition of the European Microfinance Survey Report covers the period 2016-2017 and consists of data collected from 156 surveyed microfinance institutions (MFIs) across 28 European countries.

The study tracks the evolving nature of microfinance in Eastern and Western Europe; it lays the ground for future assessments and evidence-based analyses. As a combination of quantitative information stemming from the survey wave and qualitative evidence collected from interviews, it provides useful statistics to the benefit of a wide range of market participants, including policy makers, transaction managers and market researchers.

The data gathered in this report will allow the networks to better influence policymakers to prepare the next generation of EU instruments in the field of microcredit, adopt more proportionate regulatory frameworks for the development of microfinance, and inform on a number of other important issues that could have an impact on the daily operations of microfinance practitioners in Europe.

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