MFI Factsheet

The MFI Factsheet is a reporting format that can be used both internally by managers of the MFI, and externally for purposes of analysis and monitoring. The authors note that it is fully compliant with best practices of the microfinance industry and simple to use.

It is based on accounting data and other institutional data of the MFI, to provide a set of indicators that cover most of the critical areas of a MFI. A graphical component containing 10 different graphs enhances the usability of the MFI Factsheet for analytical purposes.

  • What is it? The MFI Factsheet is an excel workbook containing 5 visible sheets and a number of hidden sheets. Together the five visible sheets provide a easy to use tool for monitoring the financial performance of an MFI, consisting of tables and graphs.
  • For microfinance? The MFI Factsheet uses to the highest possible extent terms and definitions on which consensus exists within the microfinance industry. Still, as there is no complete standardisation across the industry, some terms and definitions may differ from the ones used at any particular level or location.
  • Language options? The MFI Factsheet currently functions in 3 languages, English, French and Spanish. At any time the user can switch from one language to another, by choosing the selected language from the drop-down box, placed at the top of all the sheets.
  • Easy to use? Every item on the sheets has an item reference (e.g. A10). Many items have accompanying explanations which will appear in a pop-up window when double clicking on the item reference.
  • Will it take up lots of time? Data entry in the MFI Factsheet is straightforward and easy to perform by anyone who has general knowledge of accounting and MFI reporting. It takes about two to three hours to set up a first report in a blank format, and as less as 15 minutes to update a report.

The factsheet contains 5 worksheets within the excel workbook. 3 are for data entry (Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Account, and Extras) and 2 are generated automatically (Financial Ratios and Graphs).

Instructions are provided within the spreadsheet.

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