Marketing Mix Board Game

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This game originally appeared as part of the publication “Marketing Strategy Training Activities for Entrepreneurs” by Suzanne Kindervatter with Maggie Range. Designed for women with existing businesses, the game helps participants to explore as many marketing ideas and problems as possible and to increase marketing knowledge by using the 4 Ps of marketing:

  • Product or service – What do you sell?
  • Price – Setting your price to make a profit.
  • Place/distribution – Finding the best way to distribute your product.
  • Promotion – Creating ways to persuade customers to buy your product.

The game is especially effective with groups of varying literacy skills. After playing, participants should be able to identify concrete ways to increase sales and improve practices.

This game has been included as one of the activities in a marketing module made freely available as part of the Get Ahead training package compiled by ILO. The materials provided here are drawn primarily from the original book. There are notes for the trainer, an example game board (from the ILO version), question cards, and some templates to enable a trainer to prepare his or her own question cards. The game can also be purchased in the original book format from Women, Ink at a price of USD 15.50.

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