Management of Fisherfolk Microenterprises: A manual for training of trainers

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The Bay of Bengal Programme (BOBP) is a multiagency regional fisheries programme which covers seven countries around the Bay of Bengal – Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Maldives, Sri Lanka and Thailand. The programme tries to develop, demonstrate and promote new technologies, methodologies and ideas to help improve the conditions of small-scale fisherfolk communities in member countries. The creation of small village businesses is one strategy for individual upliftment as well as strengthening village-level economic development.

This manual is aimed at NGOs already involved with fisherfolk as well as those interested in such work, in the training of village field workers. It provides guidance for giving advice to those involved in fishing businesses and falls neatly into the client advice category of the Rural Finance Learning Centre Library, where we aim to provide resources that ultimately help people to improve skills to reduce their vulnerability and, at the same time, create more effective and reliable clients for rural financial institutions.

Section I begins with the basics of starting a business. It covers topics such as identifying business ideas, feasibility assessment, ownership and implementations. Section II covers the key facets of actually running a business. It looks at topics that are relevant to the day-to-day management of the business – such as, understanding and communicating with customers, production/manufacturing, buying and stocking, pricing, accounting and managing day-to-day finances.

Each chapter begins by setting out the key items to be covered by that particular topic. The chapters contain useful graphical illustrations as well as a list of key activities that can be undertaken during training. Finally, each chapter ends with a useful summary of key points to remember.

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