Manage Your Business Money – Facilitator Manual

The success of a business and the ability to earn more depends very much on a client’s ability to manage business money. Many of the problems encountered among borrowers relate to pressures to use loan and business money to address personal problems or needs. However, problems can be reduced or prevented by developing safeguards and controls.

The purpose of the Manage Your Business Money Learning Sessions is to provide business people with the information, skills and motivation they need to manage their business money in ways that earn them more profit. The facilitator’s job here is designed so as to demonstrate how more money can be earned by the borrowers in the long run if they do their best to resist pressures spend money for personal needs and instead decide to invest money in their business.

By engaging in group activities, participants will practice how to:

  1. Separate personal and business money.
  2. Invest all of the loan money in the business.
  3. Calculate their profits.
  4. Track, plan, and invest their business money.
  5. Use their profits to meet business and personal needs.
  6. Manage business money losses.
  7. Manage credit sales.
  8. The manual is divided into 8 sessions, each of which begins by setting out the leaning session’s objectives, timing and preparation. Following this, the steps for conducting the learning session are listed. Accompanying the facilitator manual is the Manage Your Business Money Trainer Manual that contains a range of activities specifically designed to support the learning sessions described above. The purpose of the Trainer Manual is to provide trainers with a tool they can use to prepare supervisors and field staff to facilitate locally relevant learning sessions in a group-based setting. The Trainer Manual can be downloaded from the link below.

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