Islamic Business Contracts and Microfinance – A case of Mudaraba

Islamic world is enormous with approximately 1.2 billion people across different countries. Poverty is rampant and widespread across Islamic world. Access to finance is very low based on their religious beliefs. This is a huge population under poverty and needs immediate and significant consideration to achieve the goal of making poverty history by 2015 as pledged in Millennium development goals.

These poor Muslim micro entrepreneurs need and demand access to financial services which do not compromise their religious beliefs of interest prohibition. Their demand can be met by designing financial products which are compatible with norms of Islamic finance which are based on prohibition of interest, avoidance from Gharar, Halal or permissible use of funds and non exploitation.

Islamic alternative to interest-based conventional loan is partnership based, trade based or lease-based credit that permits the ownership and/or use of commodities or physical assets needed for productive enterprise. Partnership based modes work on profit and loss sharing and there exists a mutual agreement between financier and micro entrepreneur for a specific business. Combination of business contracts in this category includes Mudaraba, Musharka and diminishing Musharka. Our current write up is focused only on Mudaraba.

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