Investor Guidelines for Responsible Investing in Digital Financial Services

The Guidelines for “Investing in Responsible Digital Financial Services” (Investor Guidelines) strive to proactively implement evolving standards of the G20 High Level Principles for Digital Financial Inclusion (G20 HLPs) which was launched in 2016 with China as holder of the G20 Presidency. The G20 HLPs were developed by a team of leading policy experts and industry practitioners, given increased opportunities and evolving risks emerging in digital financial services – for customers, sectors and markets across the globe. The G20 HLPs represents the most comprehensive standards that are being implemented at the national policy levels to advance the growth of digital financial inclusion. Hence, the objective of the Investor Guidelines is to promote responsible DFS investments and to contribute to broader financial inclusion and sustainable development. This summary update provides an overview of the Guidelines for Responsible Investing in Digital Financial Services (“Investor Guidelines”), including their definitions, examples of potential actions and selected industry references.

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