Interview with Coordinator for CAFI-SSF Network – Global Network for capacity building to increase access of small-scale fisheries to financial services

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Suchitra Upare, the coordinator for CAFI-SSF Network shared her experience on coordinating the network during the interview with INFOFISH, and responded to the below questions, please read more from the brief to find out about her answers:

  • Based on the premise that access to financial services for coastal and inland small-scale fisheries communities will remain a serious challenge for coastal and inland small-scale fisheries communities within the next five years, could you briefly describe what the FAO-initiated and -supported CAFISSF Network is, and what it aims to achieve by 2025?
  • Considering that most women are to be found in the processing and marketing sectors and to an extent in fish farming activities, what special provisions should be included within savings, credit, and insurance schemes so that they would have equitable access to financial services and insurance protection?
  • Are there any small-scale credit and insurance schemes managed at the grassroots level in Asia that have been successful? What are the lessons learnt which make it possible for their success to be replicated in other countries in Asia and the Pacific?
  • How can governments and other stakeholders encourage more small-scale fishers to insure their vessels and equipment? Conversely, how can insurance providers be encouraged to package their services so that they are accessible and attractive to the sector?
  • And in closing, could you recommend to readers some useful websites and/or publications that contain further details and information on insurance and financial services for the small-scale fisheries and aquaculture sector?

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