Internal Savings and Lending – the Simba Project

This self-contained manual is a step-by-step guide for trainers who wish to set-up and run workshops aimed at enabling communities to successfully understand the purpose of, and ultimately deploy, Savings Clubs. The guide endorses a Participatory Reflection and Action / Participatory Rural Appraisal, which believes that learning should be a two-way process. As such, the workshop is based around interactive training sessions that consist of a series of tasks and activities, rather than lectures.

The manual is divided into 3 main sections:

  1. An introduction that gives details about the programme and the methodology;
  2. Instructions for running 10 sessions of the Internal Savings and Lending Programme. Each session is set to last about 2 to 3 hours, but can be adjusted depending on interest and activities covered;
  3. Pictures, charts and handouts to be used in the workshop

Sessions 1 and 2 are community mobilisation sessions. They aim firstly, to involve the stakeholders/community leaders and get their support for the project, and secondly, to inform people in the community who might want to join the savings club. These sessions are also designed to give the trainers an idea of the community’s needs and goals and indeed assess their initial reaction to the idea of savings clubs. These sessions are:

  • Session 1: Stakeholders Meeting
  • Session 2: Community Meeting

Sessions 3-9 are the main training modules. These sessions are broken down as follows:

  • Session 3: Group Selection and Group Awareness, Part 1
  • Session 4: Committee Selection
  • Session 5: Fund Development and Savings
  • Session 6: Internal/External Lending and Interest
  • Session 7: Loan Applications and Appraisal
  • Session 8: Creating a Constitution and Group Awareness, part 2
  • Session 9: Record-Keeping and Financial Evaluation

Finally, Session 10 wraps the programme up with an evaluation of the course and an assessment of what participants have gained from it. This session even provides lyrics to a Savings Club Song!

  • Session 10: Unpacking and Evaluation

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