Integrated risk management solutions

On March 31, 2020, the Impact Insurance Facility, in partnership with the Prudential Foundation, organized a webinar on integrated risk management solutions.

When one thinks about risk management and finance, one immediately thinks about insurance. Insurance can be an effective way of managing risks that could otherwise result in large losses, which low-income people cannot cope with out of their cash flow or through the informal support of friends and relatives. To be most effective, however, insurance should be part of a broader range of financial services that includes savings, credit and money transfers, which together enable the working poor to manage a variety of risks. 

To test new approaches, the ILO is currently working with partners in Asia to develop integrated risk management solutions. This webinar presents the experiences of four partners who are developing savings-linked risk management solutions to help members better manage risks related to health, calamity and life. 

The featured partners include: KOMIDA, a non-profit MFI in Indonesia, Oro Integrated Co Operative (OIC) and Nabunturan Integrated Co Operative (NICO), two savings and credit cooperatives in the Philippines and CLIMBS, a cooperative insurance in the Philippines. The webinar presents lessons from the product development process and results from ongoing pilots.

Panelists of this webinar were Craig Churchill (Chief of the ILO’s Social Finance Programme and Impact Insurance Facility), Reinhard Marcellino (Impact Insurance Fellow at KOMIDA) and Preeti Sancheti (Impact Insurance Fellow at CLIMBS). This webinar was moderated by Aparna Dalal (Senior Technical Officer, Impact Insurance Facility).

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