Inclusive Growth: An Imperative for African Agriculture

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The African Development Bank’s (AfDB) Agriculture and Agro-industry (OSAN) and Development Research Departments have jointly produced the report entitled “Inclusive Growth: An Imperative for African Agriculture”.

The publication is part of the Bank’s efforts to assess and document recent lessons and experiences emerging from its long years of assistance to agriculture and agro-industry and the importance of the sector for agriculture-led growth and food security in Africa.

The principal objectives of the report are multifold:

  • To review the importance of agriculture in order to achieve inclusive growth on the African continent given the context of expected population growth as well as increasing global demand for agricultural commodities;
  • Facilitate an understanding of the requirements of the concepts of inclusive and green growth in agriculture and agro-industry;
  • Review efforts made by the AfDB in responding to the main pillars of inclusive growth through its support for African agriculture; and
  • To contribute to the development of a framework and identification of key areas which drive inclusive growth and transformative agriculture in Africa.

Furthermore, the publication highlights some strategic interventions corresponding to the identified areas and suggests concrete recommendations.

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