Improve Your Business. Basics

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This training guide is aimed at decision makers in small and medium sized businesses interested in developing their business skills, as well as trainers and consultants who may be needing to advise small enterprises. It is part of the Start and Improve your Business series and replaces previous editions. The authors’argue that entrepreneurs will have to enhance their practical management skills by developing active and creative thinking processes in order to survive in a competitive marketplace where profitability and growth are key.

Improve your Business takes a practical approach to business management, incorporating step-by-step guidelines, action plans, practical exercises and a glossary. The book includes chapters on:

  • marketing
  • costing and financial planning
  • buying and stock control and
  • recordkeeping

There is an associated Trainer’s Guide (price USD 6.95)which shows how to use this material to run a 40 hour training course.

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