Human Resource Management for MFIs

Effective human resource management uses systems and tools to bring together: the right number of people, with the right attitude and skills, in the right place, at the right time. The goal of human resource systems, tools and activities is to help the individual employees who make up an institution to be successful at their jobs and to work well together. In order to accomplish this goal, Human Resource Management (HRM) must be an integral part of the strategic plans of an organisation and have the full support of senior management and the board of directors.

This toolkit which was written by MEDA and published by MicroSave divides the primary activities of HRM in the context of microfinance into six broad categories:

  1. Human Resource Planning
  2. Human Resource Policies
  3. Recruitment and Selection
  4. Salary, Benefits and Incentives
  5. Performance Management
  6. Training and Development

It has been written with microfinance institutions in mind but the principles apply equally to any type of financial service provider and would be as useful in a credit union or rural bank. The toolkit is detailed and practical and contains many summaries, checklists and examples. Accompanying handouts are available on the MicroSave website.

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