Human Resource Management for Growing MFIs

As financial institutions grow, and particularly during periods of rapid growth, attracting the best staff and managing them for high performance becomes a key challenge. Developing effective human resource management systems and processes to fit the needs of the expanding institution can assist in managing growth and maintaining strong performance in financial service delivery. This briefing note provides examples of human resource issues to consider during a time of growth.

Some growth related stresses affecting an organization’s human resources occur because of changes in the organizational structure, new communication channels, recruitment and hiring needs, training and staff development, performance management and development of the institutional culture. Each of these potential change areas are reviewed in this note together with their implications for staff management. The brief serves as an introduction to MicroSave’s Human Resource Toolkit which offers detailed discussions and examples of these and other human resource topics. By building strong, well functioning human resource systems and tools, an MFI will be well poised to meet the demands of growth, manage the challenges of an evolving environment, and respond to the needs of clients.

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