Guidelines for increasing access of small-scale fisheries to insurance services in Asia

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These Guidelines for increasing access of small-scale fisheries to insurance services in Asia have been developed to support the implementation of the Voluntary Guidelines for Securing Sustainable Small-Scale Fisheries in the Context of Food Security and Poverty Eradication (SSF Guidelines).

The purpose of these Guidelines is fourfold, i.e.

• to increase awareness about the needs of small-scale fishers for better risk management, disaster preparedness and insurance services;

• to guide policy and decision makers to help introduce insurance services to small-scale fishers, with the ultimate objective to strengthen the sustainability and ecological and economic viability of these fisheries;

• to build capacity among insurance providers, fisherfolk organizations, NGOs, and concerned government agencies, to design and implement insurance programmes that suit the needs of small-scale fishing communities and enhance social protection;

• to promote insurance services that incentivize and reward a responsible and sustainable conduct of fishing operations and a better preparedness for natural disasters including climate change related challenges.

These Guidelines commence by elaborating on the context and framework, in which insurance programmes for small-scale fisheries should be conceived. It is explained why most small-scale fishers are presently not insured. Major risks and consequences faced by fishers are identified. Risks include capsizing, grounding, collision and sinking of vessels; fire on board of vessels or in port; injury or death of crew as a result of above, human errors during navigation or fishing operations; oil spills or other pollution caused by fishing vessels; theft and vandalism, when moored in port; piracy

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