Global Financial Development Report 2017 / 2018: Bankers without Borders

Topic :

Global Financial Development Report 2017/2018: Bankers without Borders brings to bear new evidence on the benefits and costs of international banking. Countries that are open to international banking can benefit from global flows of funds, knowledge, and opportunity, but the regulatory challenges are complex and, at times, daunting.

Main Messages

  • Following a decade of increased globalization, international banking suffered a setback after the global financial crisis.
  • Remaining open is important for countries to continue to benefit from global flows of funds, knowledge, and opportunity.
  • There is an important role for policy in maximizing the benefits and minimizing the costs of international banking.
  • Encouraging the right type of foreign bank presence or forms of capital flows without causing distortions is challenging.
  • Regulation and supervision of international banking is complex and should involve extensive cross-border coordination.

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