GET Ahead for Women in Enterprise Training Package and Resource Kit

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This training package and resource kit has been designed for trainers from ILO partner agencies: development organizations reaching out to women in income generation and micro-enterprises, together with successful and respected female and male entrepreneurs and their associations. It consists of three parts:

  • Part 1 sets out the main aims and strategies, and gives an overview of the training content and structure. It provides tips for trainers and hints for organizing training on GET Ahead for women in enterprise.
  • Part 2 is organized into four modules and covers a total of 10 sub topics. Each module consists of a series of exercises. Each exercise starts with listing the specific learning objectives for participants, gives an overview of the training aids needed, outlines possible preparatory activities which need to be carried out before the start of an exercise and provides a step-by-step session plan. The session plans provide guidance both in terms of key content and the process of training delivery. Each session plan concludes with key messages and pointers for the future for use by the trainer at the end of each session. At the end of each exercise, training aids such as text and illustrations on key messages, worksheets, as well as guides for group work or role-plays, and handouts are provided for use during the sessions and for distribution to the participants as relevant.
  • Part 3 provides resource and reference materials for trainers and entrepreneurs. A Background Paper on Gender and Entrepreneurship Together: GET Ahead for Women in Enterprise provides further reading on the opportunities and challenges faced by women entrepreneurs during the enterprise life cycle. A Quick Reference Guide is given with an overview of common business and financial terms. Finally, the training package includes the list of sources screened and used in preparing this package as well as other useful information sources, such as web addresses.

The four modules in Part 2 are: Module 1 Basics on Gender and Entrepreneurship Module 2 The Business Woman And Her Environment Module 3 The Business Project Module 4 People, Organization and Management The training package includes outlines for model five day workshops and shows how to facilitate learning in a visual, attractive way. All elements of the package are fully downloadable from the website of ILO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific. It is a highly recommended, practical resource that can be adapted for use in a variety of situations.

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