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The purpose of the Sourcebook is to act as a guide for practitioners and technical staff in addressing gender issues and integrating gender-responsive actions in the design and implementation of agricultural projects and programs. It speaks not with gender specialists on how to improve their skills but rather reaches out to technical experts to guide them in thinking through how to integrate gender dimensions into their operations. The Sourcebook aims to deliver practical advice, guidelines, principles, and descriptions and illustrations of approaches that have worked so far to achieve the goal of effective gender mainstreaming in the agricultural operations of development agencies. It captures and expands the main messages of theWorld DevelopmentReport 2008: Agriculture for Development and is considered an important tool to facilitate the operationalization and implementation of the report’s key principles on gender equality and women’s empowerment.

The Sourcebook focuses on agricultural livelihoods, with agriculture defined broadly as “agriculture, forestry, fisheries, livestock, land and water, agro-industries, and environment,”following the FAO definition. The Sourcebook is grounded in the notion of agriculture’s central role in providing rural livelihoods, food security, and broad-based poverty reduction. Although the Sourcebook focuses on the agriculture sector, it is also aware of the fluctuations of agricultural livelihoods so that poverty reduction and rural development require a holistic approach. Both nonagriculture-specific sectors, such as rural finance, rural infrastructure, and rural labor with a reference to agriculture-driven activities, and social protection policies are addressed in the Sourcebook..

The Sourcebook is targeted to key actors within international and regional development agencies and national governments, specifically, operational staff who design and implement lending projects and technical officers who design thematic programs and technical assistance packages. The Sourcebook can also be an important resource to the research community and nongovernmental organizations.

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