Food for All – Investing in Food Security in Asia and the Pacific— Issues, Innovations, and Practices

Topic :

The book presents the highlights of the proceedings of the three-day Investment Forum. Each chapter closely corresponds to a session of the forum where presentations and interactive discussions took place. Some presentations have been shortened or condensed due to space considerations.

The range of food security issues is varied and complex and respected scientists, technical experts, and hands-on managers guide us through the maze with presentations that not only inform but inspire. The articles spotlight innovations and good practices—success stories for replication—as well as the necessary areas for reform and action.

In five last chapters that mirror forum sessions, the book delves into the following thematic areas:

enhancing productivity investment, which spans food security research, information and communication technology, agriculture advisory services, irrigation and land use, high-yielding technologies, veterinary services, aquaculture management practices, and post-harvest management;

upscaling innovations and good practices in natural resource management, such as forest and coastal resource management, land/soil management, land use planning, and water resource management;

increasing investments for resilience, which include risk management, early warning systems, financing for climate proofing and climate change adaptation, weather index insurance, food fortification, and nutrition;

innovative financing for food security through credit, farmer access to finance, contract farming, and commodity exchange; and

• enhancing connectivity investments for food security through rural infrastructure, market facilitation and value chain development, fostering rural small- and medium-sized enterprises and producer organizations, improving food safety and quality standards, and market information dissemination.

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