Financial Education for the Poor

The Financial Education for the Poor curriculum was published in English in March 2006 and in Spanish in April 2006. It is the result of three years of collaborative market research and testing with microfinance institutions in six countries to develop an effective toolkit which will help the world’s poor increase, protect, and improve the management of their assets. The core curriculum consists of five modules:

  1. Budgeting: Use Money Wisely
  2. Debt Management: Handle With Care
  3. Savings: You Can Do It!
  4. Bank Services: Know Your Options
  5. Financial Negotiations: Communicate With Confidence

Each of the modules includes a:

  • Content note that provides a basic overview of the topic
  • Trainer’s guide with step-by-step instructions for conducting each learning session in the module
  • Training-of-trainers manual to prepare financial education trainers

The material is targeted at those with limited education and experience and trainers, therefore, do not have to be experts themselves. The trainer’s guide provides all the information needed to conduct a learning session with objectives, explanations, discussion points, problems, answers, summaries and handouts. Generally sessions are planned to last between 30 and 60 minutes and trainers can decide whether to use all the sessions or only those that seem most relevant to their target audience.

There is also an Implementation Guidance manual to accompany the modules which explains the financial education process and provides technical information on market research, training of adults, and measuring outcomes. Managers and trainers can use the various components of this guidance to adapt the materials to their target population.

To disseminate financial education throughout the world, the Financial Education Project is implementing a series of workshops around the world designed to train staff in organisations that can, in turn, train others in their home countries.

The price quoted below is for the full set of 13 manuals excluding shipping costs.

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