Figures for Bookkeeping 1: Facilitator’s Guide

This Facilitators’ Guide, together with the “Learners’ Primer” form a training package called ‘Figures for Bookkeeping’. This package teaches arabic figures, calculations and the use of money. It teaches numeracy (= counting) and not literacy (= reading and writing letters, words or sentences). This training has been specially made for illiterate women and men who work in agriculture, fisheries, forestry or who have a small business.

Part I of this guide gives a general introduction on the use of the student’s document, how to adapt the training material to other currencies, what other (simple) materials are needed to give the numeracy lessons and what attitude the facilitators should take to stimulate the learning of the participants.

Part II explains the contents of the course and clarifies the details of the document ‘Figures for Bookkeeping.

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