Exploring New Frontiers in Fintech Investments in East Africa

Even with the robust growth in FinTech, some questions remain unanswered – what spurred the FinTech growth? Is it scaleable? Is it sustainable? How are global economies such as India and China accommodating the FinTech disruption? This report traces back the evolution of FinTech on one of Africa’s early adopting regions, East Africa and covers the views of various voices in the ecosystem, each providing the uniqueness of the emerging sector, sub-models, their value propositions and feasibility, in an attempt to demystify this complex ecosystem. The report’s core explores the funding options currently available for the sector ranging from debt offering, grants and equity provision. With the increased success of FinTech players in East Africa, investors are keen to understand the opportunities available for capital deployment in East Africa’s FinTech space. Here, we have assessed the financing options currently available in the market for target investors. We have also explored the risks associated with the sector and how other investors deal with this. Finally, the report has explored returns available for FinTech investors in East Africa, to provide guidance on the region’s earnings potential.​

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