Digital Financial Services for Smallholder Households Toolkit

This toolkits comes in three parts: Teaser that sets out the scope; How to Do Note and Lessons Learned. The purpose of the How To Do Note is to provide guidance to country programme managers (CPMs) and partners on the design and implementation of digital financial services (DFS) that target smallholder households. The proposed guidelines intend to foster a culture of innovation that leverages new and emerging technologies to address smallholder-specific financial needs, while offering sufficient safeguards for farmers and their families. The purpose of the Lessons Learned Note is to synthesize the innovations and development of DFS, focusing on how the services are meeting the financial needs of smallholder households. The authors offer examples of smallholder-specific DFSs as well as mainstream ones, highlighting the implications in each case for smallholder farmers and their households. The lessons learned discussed in this note complement the guidance on design and implementation presented in the How To Do.  


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