Development of a credit and insurance programme for small-scale fisheries in the Philippines

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Small-scale fisheries (SSF) make an important contribution to nutrition, food security, sustainable livelihoods, and poverty alleviation in the Philippines. The Agricultural Credit Policy Council (ACPC) with support from the Asia and Pacific Rural and Agricultural Credit Association (APRACA) and FAO implemented a project from 2020 to 2021 to analyse and improve the availability of financial services to SSF in the Philippines.

This circular describes the steps taken by the project implementing agencies and partners in the development of a credit and insurance programme for small-scale fisheries. The document summarizes the project’s achievements and includes information about its outputs, such as training materials, a list of stakeholders and the established network.

The project identified the main stakeholders involved in the financial service provision to SSF. The team then surveyed and analysed the current supply of financial and insurance services as well as the demand for such services by fishers and fisherfolk organizations. Based on the survey results, ACPC developed training materials, which follow a train-the-trainer approach. Trainings were conducted in November 2021 for representatives from government organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), financial institutions (both public, private and microfinance institutions) and fisherfolk organizations. The trainings covered business development services for the SSF and the processes used by financial institutions to supply financial services to SSF.

ACPC and APRACA established a network of stakeholders interested in exchanging experiences and increasing financial service provision to SSF. The PhilNet SSF network was launched on 29 November 2021. Eighteen institutions participated in 2021 in the network, demonstrating a wide interest in engaging on the subject. Several financial sector stakeholders involved in the project have made efforts to increase their financial services provision to SSF. The project laid the groundwork for further improving financial and insurance services provision to SSF in the Philippines.

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