Conference Report: European Microfinance Week 2018

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This report provides a comprehensive overview of everything that took place at European Microfinance Week (EMW) 2018. The 2018 EMW had three plenaries:

  1. Financial Inclusion Through Technology.
  2. Where Next for Microfinance: A View From the Founders.
  3. Is There Room Left for the “Little Guy”? a Debate on the Relevance of Tier 2 & 3 Microfinance Institutions.

The plenaries were complemented by a more diverse range of workshop sessions than ever before, with over 25 panels featuring more than 100 organizations. Overall, a key takeaway from EMW 2018, emphasised by many speakers across various platforms, was recognition of the twin threats and opportunities of the digital finance revolution; a call for MFIs to not be afraid of incoming fintechs, to partner and share knowledge, and to see technology as more than just increasing efficiency of existing processes, but an opportunity to re-make the financial experience for low-income clients.

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