Cash Management: A Toolkit for Microfinance Institutions

This Cash Management Toolkit is part of a suite of practitioner guides and tools developed by Women’s World Banking for use by microfinance institutions (MFIs). It integrates closely with the Tool for Developing a Financial Risk Management Policy (WWB, 2005) and expands on the fundamental guidance regarding liquidity risk management provided there. Cash Management includes all activities related to the efficient planning, procurement, investment and control of cash in a financial institution.

This toolkit is about managing cash: be it in the form of physical bills in the safe or in the care of field staff, in the form of balances held at other banks, or as liquid investments that can quickly be converted back to cash.

The target audience for this toolkit are those responsible for branch operations, treasury, risk management, accounting, finance or internal control functions. The toolkit should also be helpful to senior managers and executive directors who want a more detailed explanation of cash management best practice. The toolkit is accompanied by a complete set of Excel models that are extensively cross-referenced in the text. 

This publication is available in English and Spanish.

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