CAADP Investment Plan Implementation and Private Sector Engagement Technical Workshop

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UNDP & NPCA Technical Workshop on ‘Increasing Private Sector Investment through Augmented CAADP Investment Plan’ was convened by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) regional private sector project ‘African Facility for Inclusive Markets’ (AFIM) and the ‘Comprehensive African Agriculture Development Program’ (CAADP). The workshop was held in Johannesburg, South Africa 20-21 November 2012 at the Indaba Hotel.

The technical workshop was attended by over 30 participants from CAADP compact countries, the private sector, banking institutions, academic institutions etc. who discussed how to improve the utility of the National Agricultural Investment Plans (NAIPs) as tools to attract private sector investment to countries that have signed compacts under the AU NPCA CAADP program.

During the course of the workshop various experiences and ideas related to private sector engagement and investment attraction were shared by CAADP representatives and were discussed and debated by the workshop delegates. Experiences were shared from the Common Market of East and Sothern Africa (COMESA), Botswana, Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe.

The outcome of the technical workshop was that the Private Sector Investor Guidelines which were developed in draft form were circulated by delegates to their respective stakeholders for comments, and a further more refined version was to be developed by UNDP AFIM. This document was also to feed in to a process being undertaken by CAADP to update the Post-Compact Guidelines overall.

Also it was decided at the meeting that 2-3 countries would be supported as a pilot project and effort to help them develop ‘Investor Briefs’ around their CAADP National Agricultural Investment Plan. The aim thus was that in the first quarter of 2013 or around the CAADP 2013 Partnership Platform, UNDP would look to convene an Investment Facilitation Platform as a demonstration exercise for two countries.

The next steps that were discussed for follow-up after the meeting were to identify two countries to work with (Zimbabwe, Botswana, Liberia were suggested) and to expand the discussion and promote the ‘Guidelines Annex’ at the 2013 CAADP Partnership Platform.

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