Bolstering Women’s Climate Resilience and Adaptation through Financial Services

Women, especially those in low-income countries, are faced with higher risk, greater vulnerability, and fewer tools to cope with the impacts of climate change. Financial services can empower women to manage climate risks and build resilience.

The international development community needs a better understanding of the intersection of gender inequalities, the differential impact of climate change on men and women, and the role of financial services for women. CGAP has identified four areas for further exploration:

  1. Offering better solutions for knock-on effects
  2. Bridging physical and digital solutions
  3. Designing financial services for women
  4. Ensuring that payments reach women

This working paper illustrates how women are differently impacted by climate change and how financial services can play a better role in strengthening their autonomous adaptive capacities to climate change. This is explored through illustrative examples of gendered impact when women face climate shocks and stresses that affect health, agricultural livelihoods, and women-owned businesses.

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