Basic finance for marketers

This book is the first in a series originally prepared by an FAO training project for use in universities and management institutes in Eastern and Southern Africa. They are suitable for use as core texts when teaching students and also in the preparation of short-duration management training courses. The first book introduces the basic principles and techniques of financing and accounting which would enable marketers to be aware of the financial implications of decision making.

Chapters include:

  • Financial, managerial accounting and reporting
  • Cash flow accounting
  • Budgetary control
  • Investment decisions – capital budgeting
  • Sources of finance

This material is pitched at quite a high academic level and is relevant for larger businesses. Students would be able to assist marketers to evaluate present and alternative marketing strategies, as well as control present and plan for future marketing activities. The text contains worked and unworked examples, exercises and a glossary of the key terms used.

The text book may be ordered in hard copy or read as an html file online. Each of the Marketing and Agribusiness texts can be complemented by additional sets of teaching aids for universities or other educational institutions. A Tutor’s Manual (US$14), containing all the exercises, together with their solutions, and a box of Overhead Transparency Masters (US$20) is available for each text.

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