Basic calculations in agriculture, irrigation and animal production

Sometimes people find it difficult to make calculations related to agriculture and animal husbandry because knowledge of basic arithmetic is lacking or is no longer ready knowledge. BASIC CALCULATIONS provides training material for situations in which basic calculation skills need to be improved. It offers exercises at upper primary – lower secondary level. It is suitable for use in groups, but can also be used as self-tuition material.

The first chapters refresh basic arithmetic. The following chapters deal with averages, the use of formulae, proportions and scale, graphs and diagrams, the conversion of units and other topics. The second part of BASIC CALCULATIONS is about irrigation, crop growing and animal husbandry. The book ends with the answers to the problems given in the text.

BASIC CALCULATIONS is not meant to be a guide for learning about agriculture and animal husbandry in the usual way. It is an ‘exercise book’ with basic calculations related to agriculture and animal husbandry, and it does not, for instance, try to explain irrigation or livestock feeding.

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