Agricultural Value Chain Finance

Agriculture is increasing linked from the “farm to the fork” through supply chain linkages, each of which add value as the inputs are supplied and the products are produced, harvested, processed, transported, packaged and sold. Finance and other support services are very important. Value chain finance covers the whole range of financial approaches and products that are used both within the value chain as well as the finance which is available because of the existence of integrated value chains. New financial approaches and technologies have been linked to value chains which increase the access and efficiency of finance to both users and providers of the finance as well as reducing the risk to both. Based upon a Latin American level conference on Value Chain Finance organized by FAO with Academia de Centroamerica, RUTA and SERFIRURAL, this document provides a well-writen overview of the concepts and then provides many successful case examples of diverse products and services of value chain finance in Latin America. It concludes with learnings and messages which are applicable for financial institutions, governments, agribusiness leaders, donors and development organizations.

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