Agricultural Production Lending: A Toolkit for Loan Officers and Loan Portfolio Managers

This toolkit is designed as a guidebook and training resource for agricultural lending institutions around the globe. It is not country or institution specific but rather highlights the common principles of sound agricultural lending practices. It is intended for use by trainers or as self-study material. The practical approach of the toolkit is enhanced by the use of an imaginary institution to illustrate important steps of the loan cycle and loan portfolio management and the client perspective is represented by an imaginary farm household.

The first chapter of the toolkit provides an overview of different approaches to agricultural lending and how they have changed in recent years. The risks and costs of agricultural lending are explored as well as different types of agricultural loans.

The second chapter outlines the basic features of agricultural lending. It emphasises the need to understand agricultural markets, the loan cycle and the importance of loan officers for successfully lending to the agricultural sector.

The third chapter concentrates on the loan officer. The knowledge gained during the on-site appraisal of applications by loan officers is the key to success in agricultural lending. Techniques outlined in the chapter include field visits, cashflow analysis, assessment of character, balance sheets and collateral, loan decisions, disbursement and monitoring.

The fourth chapter addresses basic loan portfolio management issues. The toolkit contains questions and exercises throughout and is illustrated where appropriate by real life case studies.

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  • Author Becerra, N.; Fiebig, M.; Wisniwski, S.
  • Year of Publication2010
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  • LanguageEnglish

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