Agricultural Insurance Training – Manual and Lesson Plans

Topic :

The trainings conducted with this manual are intended to introduce smallholder farmers to the concept of farming as a business and in particular focus on how farmers can mitigate the risks that are associated with farming. Like any other business, the farmer needs to know what is required to get started, how the business will be conducted, risks that could make him lose his investment and how much he is expecting at the end of the growing season.

This manual will discuss index based agricultural insurance [the most appropriate agricultural insurance for smallholder farmers] as a tool for development which can help farmers protect their investment. Index insurance can play an important role in protecting productive assets thereby encouraging small holder farmers to pursue riskier but potentially more profitable farming strategies.

The training manual consists of six (6) modules: Module 1 provides guidance for trainers on how to prepare for the training. Module 2 to 5 takes the trainees through a process of appreciating the importance of understanding farming as business, risks involved in farming, risk transfer mechanisms, weather index insurance, the process of purchasing the products and basic consumer protection issues. Module 6 provides some exercises aimed at strengthening the farmers’ understanding of what is covered under Module 2 to 5.

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