Agricultural Insurance in India Problems and Prospects

Topic :

This present study looks at the genesis of agricultural insurance in India, examines various agricultural insurance schemes launched in the country from time to time and the coverage provided by them. Major issues and problems faced in implementing agricultural insurance in the country are discussed in detail.


  • To estimate price / yield risk involved in different crops at national level and at disaggregate level
  • To examine the performance of the existing and earlier national agricultural insurance schemes implemented in India
  • To discuss and explore the problems and prospects of agriculture insurance in the country
  • To look into the role of government in implementing various agricultural insurance schemes
  • To suggest effective agriculture insurance programme in India

The report is organized as follows. Literature on agriculture insurance is reviewed in Chapter 2 and sources of data and method used in the study are described in Chapter 3. Risk involved in agriculture production is discussed in Chapter 4. Fifth chapter presents progress and performance of various agriculture insurance schemes launched from time to time. It also includes discussion on private sector participation in agriculture insurance. Sixth Chapter discusses various issues related to agricultural insurance in India and also suggests changes in working of various schemes to make them more effective and to increase their scope and coverage. Ground level experience of agriculture insurance based on micro level investigations in Andhra Pradesh is presented in Chapter 7. Global picture of agriculture insurance is discussed in Chapter 8. Conclusions and policy suggestions are presented in the last Chapter.

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