Agricultural Finance Yearbook 2009 – Uganda

The Agricultural Finance Yearbook 2009 is the third in a series born from a collaborative effort between the Bank of Uganda, the Ministry of Agriculture’s Programme for the Modernization of Agriculture and the GTZ Financial System Development Programme (FSD). The purpose of the Yearbook series is to highlight promising new initiatives used to assist in the financing of investment in agricultural value chains. As such it covers the activities of commercial banks, credit institutions, MDIs and SACCOs/MFIs.

Apart from positive examples, the Yearbook also serves to warn of problems that may be faced by investing farmers, processors and marketers of agricultural produce. Thus the 2009 Yearbook warns of products and machines that are offered on the Ugandan market, but which are either fake, or sub-standard. These range from agro-chemicals and veterinary drugs, all the way through in terms of value to four wheel tractors.

Above all, the Yearbook serves to both encourage financial institutions to support their clients’ agricultural investments, and shows how best this can be done.

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