Agricultural finance and the youth, Prospects for financial inclusion in Uganda

The aim of this study is to provide a comprehensive assessment of the current state of financial inclusion of the rural youth in Uganda, with a specific focus on their engagement in the agricultural sector and the
financial services that are available to them to pursue their business ventures in this area. The study seeks to illustrate and bring to light the core constraints and opportunities associated with the provision of tailored financial services to young agricultural entrepreneurs in the country, while showcasing the essential role that key support actors (such as the Government, Central Bank, international development institutions, NGOs, foundations and many others) can play in fostering the provision and uptake of such services.

The study employs a methodological approach that blends extensive desk research with extensive data gathering at field level (both quantitative and qualitative) carried out through surveys and interviews with key stakeholders in Uganda’s agricultural and financial sectors. The study is meant to support FAO’s interventions in the country in the domains of financial inclusion and decent employment opportunities for the rural youth, with a specific view to enabling partnerships with relevant financial institutions and apexlevel organizations capable and willing to support the development of a range of youth-tailored financial products and other complementary activities.

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